10 Cheapest Mtn Data Plans And How To Subscribe To Them Without Stress

10 Cheapest Mtn Data Plans And How To Subscribe To Them Without Stress

Here are the Top 10  cheapest Mtn Data Plans  for 2020 and How To Subscribe To Them Without Stress. Are you ready? Lets roll!

Like you all know MTN has made its mark as the best network provider with the largest customer base in Nigeria. Besides “wowing” its customers with exciting benefits in the form of airtime bonuses, the network provider constantly doles out data plans which avail its subscribers the interesting moments of browsing experience they so desire.

If you’re looking for the top 10 MTN data plans as well as how to subscribe to them, you can rest assured that this post is bound to serve you well enough.

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Cheapest Mtn Data Plans And How To Subscribe

40GB Monthly Data Plan

This, of course, is one of MTN’s premium data plans best suited for people willing to carry out heavy Internet tasks for considerable lengths of time. For instance, you might have a wireless router you’d like to set up as the base for channeling Internet access to your other household devices such as desktops, laptops and phones.

While this data plan avails you prolonged Internet access to multiple devices, it comes at a price of #10,000 and is valid for 30 days. If you’re constantly browsing via high connections such as 3.5G and 4G networks, you may subscribe to a data plan like this in order to enjoy a seamless experience in the course of heavy usages.

Notably, this amazing data plan caps your data usage at 40GB and you can subscribe to it by sending a text message with 117 to 131.

15GB Monthly Data Plan

Previously capped at 11GB, this exciting data plan offers MTN subscribers a data bundle around the tune of 15GB for enjoying unrestricted Internet access over a 30-day period.

If you’ve always preferred browsing over high connections such as WCDMA and LTE, probably for the download of heavy files, you may consider subscribing to this data plan which charges you only #5000.

It may be recalled that this plan, at its initial stage, was once capped at 5GB which might not be enough for heavy Internet users to achieve reasonable tasks for a 30-day long period. But as MTN now makes it a whopping data amount of 15GB, subscribers are pretty sure they can sustain their heavy usages for a prolonged period.

To subscribe to this data plan, send a text message with 116 to 131.

1GB Daily Data Plan

This plan is undoubtedly one of the data packages best tailored to the needs of MTN subscribers willing to only download several short videos within a timeframe of 24 hours. A data plan of this sort can also come to your mind if you wish to only stream your favourite movies within a specific period.

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