10 Best Video Streaming Applications for Android

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Video streaming applications are the best online streaming services designed for your smartphones. these technologies give your smartphone fun and engaging activity to spice up your mood either after work or after hectic moments.
There are so many video streaming applications you can try out on your device all of which are fast and efficient at giving you your maximum satisfaction. most importantly, many are designed with fantastic and HD video while others are made to give different features.
Below are the best video streaming applications recommended for android users. Note that availability depends on region, some countries may not have some of these video streaming applications, we hereby apologize if any of the recommended applications are not available in your region.

Video Streaming Applications;

Amazon prime video

This comes with Amazon prime services which mean users can stream music, cloud storage, and 2-day shipping all in one. It is an above-average service that includes modern touches like HDR and 4K streaming. Amazon prime video became a must-have for video streaming app after gaining Chromecast support in 2019.

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A user-friendly video streaming app that belongs to the category of the diverse video streaming application which has the usual streaming experience with a bunch of old TV shows, movies, and other stuff.
This service offers over 50 channels with an option to expand. It comes with a Chromecast support and also with a free trial. It also offers the best video quality and also the best video content.


The seventh-largest internet company in the world and also popular streaming applications where users can subscribe and watch TV series. It supports Chromecast, game consoles and many others. Users enjoy original animations, documentaries, and movies and also have a growing library of premier programs.

Users can watch Netflix worldwide with just one subscription. The network consists of a huge selection of movies and shows for subscribers.


One of the best video streaming application for android where subscribers can watch the latest movies within a short time of the movie release. On Vidmate, music and videos can be downloaded online, it also brings all available media within the vicinity. Supports hundreds of websites including Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Comprises of an organized and neat interface that houses a list of well-supported icons. Users enjoy all genres of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other movies in many other languages. Vidmate supports the higher resolution to download the HD quality and also to download sources in different available quality and formats.


The outline video streaming app enables users to download the latest movies or TV shows. Users watch recent TV shows and movies in high-quality print on demand with limited ads, it also offers thousands of programs to be watched free.

Good round quality using Dolby Atoms and also quick access for it’s a clean and straight forward interface. Consists of great feature and also provide an email where subscribers can join the community forum. Vudu offers full feature movies in HD form and also has a library of more than ten thousand programs.

Free Flix

An excellent video streaming app service to watch free TV shows, animations, and movies. Live TV channels and premium programs can be watched through the Free Flix.

It has a built-in video player and also offers a clean, comfortable friendly interface that provides support for subtitles while watching programs. Subscribers are able to watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free. It provides a TV guide and a TV schedule. Free Flix HQ supports every personal device like the Android, Windows, iOS, PC and smart TV.


Twitch is a video streaming application that focuses on video game live streaming. this video streaming application helps broadcast sports competitions, real live streams, music and many more. Interruption can be minimized by activating the theatre mode. Serves as a platform for talk shows or individual players relating to gaming. Users enjoy access to channel analytics and life news.

PlayStation Vue

One of the best video streaming apps that provide live TV programs including news, entertainment channels, and live sport. Users can record episodes of the TV series, lives programs and watch it during their free time.

Functional and compatible without all devices. PlayStation Vue subscribers enjoy the news of upcoming events or games all around the world and also watch multi-screen in a single device best known for its excellent streaming performance.


A newly introduced video streaming app that is fast becoming one of the best. It offers more than 70 channels and video content at a very low price.

Comprises of rich features that have the option to view multiple screens at the same time. Supports iOS, Andriod phone, and tabs, it also enables the recording of favorite programs or videos to watch at leisure. SkyStream Live TV can be upgraded every month. Users enjoy comfortable and a user-friendly month to month payment method.
there are other video streaming applications available for you to download on your android device. the above list is of high design and is recorded as some of the best you can try out. these video streaming applications can be used for movie download, thriller creators and gaming.


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