10 Best Side Hustle For 2020

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A side hustle is any work you do to earn extra money outside of your full-time job. Side hustling means you can make money doing anything from the comfort of your own home.
The complicated part of side hustling is that there are rules to it but if you adjust to the system, you could make cool cash from doing what you enjoy. 
The average Nigerian salary earner is bound to choose any side hustle because the salary can hardly sponsor your bills or expenses judging by the economic state of the country.
Here are some examples of side jobs you can do to make extra cash daily, weekly and monthly.

Freelance Writing

This is a very profitable job you can do alongside your job. It is a very simple hustle that pays wholesomely at the same time. A lot of people don’t know this and they dong even pay attention to it because of the false idea that anything digital is a scam. 
Well! You are wrong, this is one of the easiest side hustle you can engage in to sustain your transport, help you save your salary as your income from blog writing us enough to sustain you.
There are so many blogs online both Nigeria and abroad job. Freelance writing gives you a very wide view of things. Apart from earning, you get the chance to also learn things you never imagine exist.

Fish Farming

This is a very productive side hustle plan you can try out this 2020. You can it on a small scale and still earn greatly. 
This farming will not affect your job as all you do is feed the fishes morning before going to work and night after work. This routine will not affect your job.

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Graphics Design

This is a very productive one. You can work and still have other clients you design for without it affecting your work activity. 
These days, graphics designers are the delight of many social media blogs and companies.  
Having these skills gives you an edge at work. Graphics designs entail making business logo, creating a website, designing website and more.


This is another highly productive side hustle to try out this 2020. There are so many part-time driving services including Opay and Uber you can register with and earn cool cash apart from the main cash You can also earn by driving people in the morning on your way to work and back. 
This is why owning a car now is no longer considered a liability because its relevance is no longer limited to just personal mobility.

Baking/ Cooking

Baking and cooking is a lucrative one you can start alongside your job. You can back fancy sweet chops, snacks, and fries at work and online. 
You can create a twitter, or Instagram account where you can advertise your food and expect orders from fans and followers.
This is quite stressful but it is highly productive and a reliable source of income any day.

Online Tutor

Now a lot of students love to learn online more than to learn in a classroom. This way you can earn a lot from creating a site for this. This is a side hustle you can start this 2020. 
All you need do is to create a professional website for the job and include a price tag to every class taught. 


Flipping is another word for buying items cheap and reselling them online either through eBay, Amazon, and others. You can earn a lot from reselling goods bought at a cheaper amount.

Part-Time Real Estate Investor

Part-time Real estate job is one very lucrative side hustle you can start this 2020. It is highly productive and it is a long-lasting business to engage in. You make money and commissions from Real Estate Company if you sell properties.
This is profit-oriented and easy to start alongside with the stressful job in Nigeria because all that is required from you is to link up with a few connect to advertise the property.

Create A Blog

You can create a blog as well. This is a very good way to make money outside your regular job. Initially, it may get all tiring as it may not be so productive at the earlier stage, just have it at the back of your mind that as time passes, you are going to enjoy massive inflow of income as well as deals that will earn you so much money.
At the early stage, concentrate on building the blog to a very high standard level where it stands out among other blogs. Create content that will boost your recognition on the internet platforms.


This can be another great side hustle for you. If you have a passion for photography and you understand how to Photoshop images to give it a perfect outlook, then seize the opportunity with this skill. 
However, there are platforms you can sell out this work. E.g. foam. You can make cool cash from every image you sell to them. That’s how lucrative it is…
This is 2020, and the world is gradually revolving with more responsibilities and advancement daily that your regular job salary can’t cover, trying out any of the options above don’t be a bad idea for you.


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