10 Best Pressing Irons For Different Tastes And Needs

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Ten Best Pressing Irons For Different Tastes And Needs

Pressing irons are basically an unavoidable bit of appliance to have in every home. Just like gas cookers take priorities in kitchens, so do pressing irons to take utmost relevance in homes. They play huge roles in accentuating one’s appeal by removing the crease and rough edges on one’s clothes. Remember the saying about dressing how you want to be appealed?
Well, it is very right.
Your appearance matters a lot, from the hairstyle you are sporting to the clothes and shoes. It speaks volumes about your personality. Pressing irons are necessary to give your cloths – which of course is part of the first things people notice about you – that final touch to set you on your dapper way.
There are two types of pressing iron available in the market. They are the steam iron and dry iron and these irons differ in their usage. Steam pressing irons use superheated water to wipe off wrinkles from items of clothing. Although they take longer to get hot, the professional glam they give to your clothing is definitely worth the time.
Dry pressing irons, meanwhile are traditional irons that do not produce any steam of its own, rather, you have to rely on the garment to produce its steam or you manually sprinkle waters on it. If you are concerned about securing the best pressing irons available in the market for the right value, here are your best ten bets.

1. Binatone Dry Iron DI 108

pressing irons
The Binatone Dry Iron DI 108 is quite a very simple iron with a handle for firm grip as well as a non-stick soleplate for easy gliding and several other features that make it a top choice. It comes with a naturally smooth performance and a variable temperature control knob that helps regulate heat. It also has a temperature light indication.
The price range ranges from 3000-7000

2. Philips Dry Iron GC122

The Philips Dry Iron GC122 has a non-stick soleplate that is great with all fabrics. You should also know that the cord of the iron can be wrapped around the heel rest, which is important for durability. Pressing irons are meant to be efficient and simple so the lightweight nature of this iron makes it as easy to handle as you can get. It also has an inbuilt heat regulator such that the temperature light goes on when the iron is heating up and then goes off as soon as the soleplate temperature has reached the set level.
Pricing starts from 4000

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3. Polystar steam pressing Iron PVST- 500P

This Polystar steam is part of the group of pressing irons that allow you to get that extra smooth and prim effect on your clothes with its ceramic-coated soleplate ensuring the iron glides perfectly well on cloths. Just so you know, the interesting feature of this pressing iron is its self-clean function which means the event of your iron having black particles underneath it to stain your white cloths is eliminated. It also has steam adjust knob and a rubber handle for ease of use. Additionally, there’s a thermal fuse to protect overheat, a thermostat to control the temperature and a water tank capacity of 250 ml.
The price range of this product begins from 5000 on online shopping stores.

4. Century Pressing Iron

The positioning of this iron’s control knob makes it relatively easier to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, whichever way you want, compared to other irons obtainable. Of course, this epic piece of home appliance comes with easy temperature control, a long rotating swivel cord, a thermostat safety cut function and am overheat safety protection unit which means that the probability of damaging your cloth is very low.
The price range begins from 5000 as well.

5. Scanfrost Steam Pressing Iron SFSI 2302

This is a full-steam iron that gives you control over the steam rate as much as you want during your ironing session. It has an overheat safety protection, a temperature light indicator, and a self-cleansing mechanism. For 8000, the price is also affordable.

6. A & S Micro Pressing Iron

Of course, pressing irons differ in their sizes, brands and, cost. Everybody definitely loves to look smart and presentable, even low-income earners as well as students. As such, one iron that meets the criteria of being of high quality and very much affordable is the A & S Micro iron. This iron fulfills your basic ironing needs, ensuring its smooth performance matches your appearance. If you are on a shoestring budget, this is the perfect pressing Iron for you.
The Price begins at 1000 on Jumia. Shop now.

8. Sonik Travel Iron STI388

Sonik Travel Iron is primarily designed for travel use. It is very light in weight and portable to fit in any travel bag so you don’t have to worry about your luggage being overweight. It comes with a stylish design and foldable hands and at 5000, the starting price is not really pricey.

9. Murphy Richards Turbo Steam Iron SR40681

The Morphy Richards Turbo Steam pressing iron offers the top-notch quality for the best ironing experience and longer product durability. Possessing the regular Self-clean technology associated with steam pressing irons, premium quality soleplate, and an anti-drip technology, the Morphy Richards Turbo steam iron is the super quality steam iron you are searching for.
Price ranges from 6000 for this product.

10. Binatone Dry Iron DI 1255

pressing irons
Binatone has proven to be a top-quality brand, especially with a number of high-level pressing irons they have got, and this is why two of their products name this list. The Binatone DI 1255 iron features an adjustable temperature control knob and temperature indicator which allows you to iron your precious clothes without damaging the fabric.
its power cord is also of perfect length to guarantee maximum convenience. It has a lightweight and is compact sized, meaning you can easily take it around with you should you have traveling plans in mind.
The price range begins from 5000 on Jumia, a popular Nigerian e-commerce platform.l


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