Farmfunded Review: Is it a Legit or scam Investment Platform

Farmfunded Review: Is it a Legit or scam Investment Platform

Welcome to mitrobe network, I will be dropping few details about Farmfunded, if it  Is  a Legit or scam Investment Platform in Nigeria.

Farmfunded is an agritechnology company which provides a simple, safe and sustainable platform for you to grow your funds whilst also enabling real farmers to grow food for the African populace.

Farmfunded allows you to invest in the commodities traded on the platform. Some of the commodities listed on its website, include rice, groundnut, maize and ginger.

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The Return on Investment range from 13% to 30% depending on what investment unit is available.

Social Media Handles
You can reach Farmfunded on the following social media handles





Questions and Answers

How do I become a Farmfunded investor?

Simply create an account, select any number of units in commodity trades you are interested in, make payments this officially gets started and you become an investor with Farmfunded

Are the commodities insured?

Farmfunded ensures that all farms that are being funded are adequately covered by the insurance organisations rendering agricultural insurance services. Insurance Services are obtained usually to mitigate the incidence of Climatic Risks. Presently, we have reputable insurance companies providing cover for the farms.

How much do I get at the end of the the investment cycle?

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At the end of a investment cycle, your investment capital and return on investment specific to the contracted trade is paid into your bank account

Farmfunded Address

Farmfunded is located at second floor, 9A Hospital Road, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

How Farmfunded Investment Plan Works

Create Account and Invest
Create an account and select any number of units in commodity trades you are interested in funding, make payments. That makes you an investor with Farmfunded.

You may decide to fund more than one unit of commodity.


Farmfunded team Do The Work
Farmfunded team of experts handles processing and trading in the local market and exporting to the global market

Earn Your Return
At the end of the investment period, you earn your capital and return on investment capital. The return range depends on the units of commodities funded. You can earn as high as 80% return.

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