Zenith Bank Mobile App -How to Download,Register and login with zenith bank app

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Most Banks in Nigeria and the world at Large are integrating mobile banking to their platform to ease the stress of transacting between two or more people. If you bank with Zenith Bank and still wondering if they support mobile banking, then it may interest you to know that their platform is integrated with mobile banking. In this post, we will share all you need to know about Zenith Bank Mobile app, how to download Zenith Bank Mobile app as well as how to use the app.
Mobile banking is becoming one of the most reliable ways of conducting transactions online from your bank account. Prior to the advent of mobile banking, performing tasks such as transfer requires the owner of the account to be present at the bank, which can be very time consuming and stressful. 

Zenith Bank Mobile App

Zenith Bank Mobile app is a Fintech solution owned and maintained by Zenith Bank plc. The app is similar to most Fintech apps in that you can use it to make payments online such as paying for Bills, airtime recharge and most importantly sending and receiving money through the app. In order to use this app, you need to be a customer banking with Zenith Bank otherwise the system will not detect any account number in the registration process.Zenith Bank Mobile App

How to download Zenith Bank Mobile App

To download this app, you can either go through their website https://zenithbank.com then clicking on the mobile banking link. It will take you to the download link for both devices. Alternatively, you can simply go to your app store and do a quick search for Zenith Bank Mobile App, from there simply click on the install icon, if you’re on an Android device. 
You can make your life experiences simpler and stay in control with the Zenith Mobile Banking app. It also allows you to manage your finances; make card settlements, transfer funds and make payments using QR (Quick Response codes). 

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How to Register and log in with Zenith Mobile Bank App

To register your account, you need to have the app downloaded  from Google Play or Apple Stores, you can use either one of these methods specified below to Register  

Method 1: Registration With Hardware Token 

  1. Enter your Account number and Continue 
  2. Click Hardware Token 
  3. Enter the Token from the device and Token PIN 
  • Create and confirm Password (six digits) 
  • Create and confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
  • Click on Submit (Operation Successful) 

Upon successful registration, you are required to enter Account Number and Password to log in. 

Method 2: Registration With Card 

  1. Enter your Account Number and Continue 
  2. Select Card 
  3. Enter the Last Six Digits of the Card and Card Pin 
  • Create and Confirm Password (six digits) 
  • Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
  • Clicks on Submit (Operation Successful) 

Similarly, you will be required to enter Account Number and Password to login to the App. Zenith Bank Mobile App

Method 3. Registration With OTP 

  1. Request OTP and Continue 
  • Create and Confirm Password (six digits) 
  • Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
  • Click on Submit (Operation Successful) 
  • Enter the OTP received via SMS to the registered Alertz number. 

Again the user is required to enter Account Number and Password to login to the App. 

Important things to Note

  • To Add New Device, the app user should simply log in with Account Number and Password,  the system will prompt for Device Registration. 
  • Customers can authorize with Token or Card Details. 
  • Users can add up to 3 Devices.

Features of Zenith Bank Mobile App

  • Overview: view all accounts (current, savings, fixed deposit, Domiciliary, etc.)
  • Transfers (Transfer History, Zenith account Transfer, Other Banks Transfer, Foreign Transfer)
  • Data Bundles
  • Airtime Recharge
  • Bills payment (Zenith Billers, Quickteller Merchants)
  • QR Payments.
  • Cards (Card Settlement, Activate / Deactivate Card)
  • Cheques (Request Cheque Book, Confirm Cheque)
  • Travel and Leisure (Travelstart, Dubai Visa)
  • Bank Services
  • iMessage *These are messages sent to the customer by the bank*
  • Settings (Manage Beneficiaries, Customize eaZylinks, Change Authorization Change Password, My Devices, My BVN, change the PIN


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Each day new technologies are being launched aiming at making the world a better place. The importance of mobile banking cannot be emphasized. You will agree with me that in times like this, that the world is on lockdown, online transactions are seemingly increasing, which goes to show that Mobile banking and other fintech facilities are really making life easier for the masses. In this post, we have shared all you need to know about the Zenith Bank Mobile app, how to download and how to use the Zenith Mobile app. I hope you find this useful.

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