Technology Predictions For 2020 That didn't Happen

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Technology Predictions For 2020 That didn’t Happen

Did you ever hear so many technological predictions about 2020 that you could not wait to come into the year? 5-year old me thought that I would not recognize humanity by 2020 but here we are! History is filled almost to the brim with predictions and future projections. The pace of technological advancements has been impressive and fast also and even some of those predictions came to pass, very accurately indeed. We didn’t get everything right, though, However, some didn’t come to pass in any way, it is still a possibility! Anything is possible!
Let us go over some predictions about 2020 that didn’t come true!

1. According to various experts and futurologists, the whole world is supposed to be able to tour space by now.

This is something I looked forward to, that some of us would be on the moon, or in mars, going for holidays and stuff! We hope to see it happen in a few years to come. In 2009, it finally seemed as though it would be possible with several companies and individuals expressing a desire to make the 2010s the decade of space tourism. Seven people paid to go into space during the first decade of the 21st century sadly, orbital tourist flights were stopped in 2009.

2. According to scientists and futurologists, we are supposed to have flying cars!

This still hasn’t become a reality till now. 1996 models can still be sold for $700- $1000. But we can still be hopeful that the future will be different.

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3. Scientists and futurologists predicted that robots and artificial intelligence are supposed to be part of our daily lives. It is supposed to have completed almost taken over physical activity and work.

This can be a solid reality in the nearest future, so much work is being put into making this a reality. British futurologist Ian Pearson further stated that machines would have emotions and be able to make decisions for themselves. He said for example an airplane would not want to crash because it is emotional. It is 2020, and our airplanes are still just advanced machines, however, we look forward to such technology! Just imagine a plane being suicidal, there would be a crash.

4. We will have both telepathy and teleportation.

This was another prediction I looked forward to! That we would have teleportation abilities. I think that right now, this is far-fetched and way beyond our reach! It is not impossible, but for now, we believe that this can be achieved maybe in another century.  But imagine that we could travel without actually having to go to an airport, at our convenience, and we would not have to pay to travel! This would be a good development and many dreams will come true, the whole world at our palms!

5. Everyone will be rich without having to work

I think we all can attest to the fact that this is not the case right now. We hope for a world where everyone is comfortable and happy, but right now, that is not happening yet.

6. We would live till 150 years old

Life expectancy in 2020 is supposed to be 150 years. Well, this also hasn’t happened, right now, the world is in the middle of a global pandemic, so there goes that prediction! We are far away from this goal. We do hope that this will be the case in some centuries to come!
These are the predictions we have complied and we hope you agree! We are very optimistic about the future! We know things will change and be better, but till then, keep dreaming and doing big things!
The tech world needs you!

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