Jiji.ng Online shopping site-Who is the Owner of Jiji?

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Are you searching for the owner of jiji? ironically jiji is not owned  by a Nigerian. Although the Nigerian free online website that provides buyers and sellers the avenue to meet, buy and sell goods and services is currently operated in Nigerian with a huge user base in Nigeria, the company jiji is not owned by a Nigerian.
The owner of jiji is a foreigner, and specifically a Ukranian. Similar to Legit.ng. These two online companies Legit.ng, formally naij and Jiji operate mostly in Nigeria but their ownerships/CEOs have always been subject of inquisition.
The owner of  Jiji is  part of the  Ukrainian “Genesis Technology Partners” internet conglomerate with headquarter in Brovary, Kyiv Ukraine.
Jiji  online shopping site was founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria by Anton Wolyansky, who is the company’s CEO. In  2015 Jiji started a  blog project known as Jiji blog, providing visitors with the information on business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, life stories, news.

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Anton Wolyansky,

The CEO of Genesis Technology Partners, the parent company of Legit and Jiji is Russian Vladimir Mnogoletniy. From here, you should now understand clearly that the owner of jiji is not a Nigeria.
Jiji.ng is a free online market place that was created in Lagos Nigeria in 2014. The website has been rated as number one online market place with over 150,000 Ads and 4.6 million visits per month.
Jiji is popular in Nigeria by covering the 36 states and giving everyone the same opportunity to buy and sell their new or used products online. Anyone who intends or wants to buy and sell on jiji can register on jiji either to add products for sale or to buy.
REMINDER=>The CEO  and current owner of Jiji is Ukrainian Anton Wolyansky. According to research,he doesn’t resides in Nigeria. He is practically the owner of jiji with the largest share percentage.

All products on jiji.ng are divided into categories such as vehicle, real estate, mobile phones and tablets, home & garden, electronics, jobs, babies and kids, agriculture and food and many more.
Every product on jiji.ng had a product description that includes the photo, price, material, function and price of the product. This description will help buyers to learn more about the product.

How To Sell On Jiji.ng

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To sell your products on jiji.ng the following steps should be taking

  • Log on to jiji.ng or app
  • Login in or register to publish ads
  • Select or choose category of product
  • Select or choose sub- category of product
  • Add or upload a picture of the product: the better photos your add the more attractive your ad will look for potential buyers and more calls you will receive
  • Write out the title of the product: give an attention grabbing title by using clear titles which includes the name of the item you sell
  • Provide a detailed description of the product. You can mention as many details as possible as this will help to make your ad more attractive for potential buyers. Your product must be informative enough and must not contain any false information regarding the product or service
  • Enter price (negotiable): select an appropriate price for your product so that advert is approved. Comparing prices on jiji.ng can help you put your product or item in line with the current market.
  • Add contact information for ad such as phone number, name, your region or location. Double check your location to ensure that you post your ad in the right place.
  • Promote your ad
  • Post the ad.

How To Buy On Jiji.ng

As a buyer, you can buy anything by simply calling or sending a message to the seller to agree on a price and other modalities regarding the purchase. The following are the steps on how to shop online for various goods and services from jiji.ng

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  • Log on to jiji.ng or app
  • Choose or select the category of the goods or services you want to buy
  • Choose the sub-category of products or goods
  • Browse through the list of items in the category of search result
  • Choose the product you desire or prefer
  • Click or tap on the button ‘chat’ to contact the seller, and ask whatever you want about the product
  • Click or tap on the button ‘’show phone’’ and call the seller directly to make the purchase and to also ask about the details of the product
  • Bargain and agree on a price.

In conclusion, the owner of Jiji operate independently away from the parent company whose user base is basically Nigeria. The CEO of Jiji is Ukrainian Anton Wolyansky but the owner/CEO of legit  is actually a Greek in the person of Georgios Vlachou . All buyers are advised not to pay in advance when shopping online on jiji.ng, to try to meet the seller at a safe and public location so as to check the product before buying it. Pay only after collecting the item or product.
Avoid anything that looks or appears too good to be true like an unimaginable low price and a promise for quick money.
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