How to know your BVN number


After a series of attempts to curb corruption and cybercrime in Nigeria, the Federal Government’s only lasting solution afterward was the introduction of the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

So today, we’ll teach you how to know your BVN number from the comfort of your living room. Though these methods are simple and differ, depending on which you find solace in.

What is BVN number?

Bank Verification Number is an establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria, and it is a biometric identification system designed to curb the prevailing illegal banking transactions in the country.

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Before you can be able to check or know your BVN number, you firstly need to visit any branch of your bank to enroll for it. After the registration, you’ll receive your BVN code within minutes.

How to check Your BVN Number online

After getting the BVN number, it’s advisable you save it as a contact on your phone book. This will help you to keep it for a long time.

However, if you’ve lost your BVN code due to some factors best known to you, you can retrieve it back using any of the following ways.

  1. By dial a USSD code

The simplest way on how to know your BVN number is by dialing the universal recognised USSD code in Nigeria here.

This code could be used on any mobile device. You don’t have to use a smartphone to do this, and you equally don’t need a connected internet.

To do this, simply dial 5650# on your phone dialer and press send, then your BVN number will pop up on your mobile phone screen.

Also, this same USSD code will work on any SIM card irrespective of the network provider and you can at the same time use the code to check for any bank BVN in Nigeria.

However, it’s very pertinent to note that this service is not free. Checking your BVN number on your mobile device requires a service fee of N20 on every network for every bank.

  1. By using the internet

In the same vein, you can check for your BVN number online through the instrument of the internet anywhere at any time of the day.

So to check your BVN number via the internet, you’ll have to log in to your bank Internet or Mobile Banking App. There, your BVN number will be shown to you at the front page.

  1. By visiting your bank

This is the last means you can adopt on how to know your BVN number. This method is in fact the most strenuous among the three.

Going down to the bank, the long queue and the nonchalant attitude you’ll receive from the bank staff are always discouraging.

However, if you lost your BVN number and the two options above are not feasible to you, you can simply go straight to any branch of your bank to retrieve it.

When you get there, go to the complaint section or customer service unit, narrate your ordeal to them and your BVN number will be provided to you in few minutes.

That’s that how to know your BVN number.


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