How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

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I know a lot of iPhone users have been anxious about the launch of a dark mode on their Facebook app. I am excited to announce to you that iPhone users are finally getting dark mode feature on the Facebook app. The new mode swaps Facebook’s iOS app default white and blue interface with a black and grey theme. In this post, I’ll show you how to enable Facebook dark mode on iPhone
According to the social media giants, the new feature has been rolled out to just a small percentage of iOS users, so you might not have it just yet. Several iPhone users have tweeted about getting the dark mode but there is no official statement about what criteria are considered for distributing the feature to users.
The new Facebook dark mode feature for mobile comes after the company unveiled it in its WhatsApp mobile app in March.

Facebook Dark Mode Party

Over the last few years, mobile users have been clamoring for dark mode in more apps. Apart from the mode looking super cool it is also acclaimed to have optical benefits that reduce the strain on the eyes especially during the night.
Following the increasing request, Facebook began testing and rolling out dark mode in its sibling apps. Beginning of 2020, Android users started testing the dark mode in their Facebook app but it still hasn’t been fully rolled out to all users.Facebook dark mode
Similarly, Facebook has also tested the dark mode feature on the web but that too hasn’t been rolled out to everyone. The latest roll-out on iOS makes the Apple operating system the last to join the dark mode party.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

Note that the feature is not available on all devices at the time of creating this post. However, some users already have access to it. To turn on Facebook Dark Mode on an iPhone or iPad device you need to go under the menu tab after launching the app.
Under “Menu”, scroll down and select “Privacy and Settings”. A shortcut toggle for Dark Mode will be there, provided you have it. Just tap it to join the dark mode party.
 Meanwhile, do not panic if you don’t see the Dark Mode option on your app. The feature is still in its beta phase and will be rolled out soon. It could take a couple of months as the android version rolled out in January hasn’t gotten to every device yet. However, we cannot specifically state an exact date for the official rollout of the feature on all devices, all we can do is wait for the tech giants to do their thing.

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