How to Cancel Order on Jumia


Our guide for you today will show you how you can can cancel your order on Jumia Jumia’s website. Jumia is the biggest ecommerce website in Africa.

Jumia have retail outlets in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. The websites look a lot similar across countries, so the same guide applies to canceling your order irrespective of which of the countries you are reading this guide from.

Online shopping is the most comfortable and most convenient method of buying things. You get to buy whatever you want online right from the comfort of your house, bed or wherever.

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There are lots of online stores that give such services such as amazon, Jumia, Konga and lots more. But today I’ll be focusing on Jumia. Almost every Nigerian from age eighteen above knows jumia.

People below age eighteen know Jumia because it’s the largest and most popular online store in Africa.

You get whatever you buy from them delivered to your described location within hours or days, depending on the distance.

But sometimes we change our minds about what we want to buy. Perhaps we see a better product with a lesser price or a more beautiful product at the same price.

The reasons differ according to individual choice and likes. However, the main question remains, how do I cancel an order on JUMIA Nigeria/Ghana/Kenya/Uganda.

You might have already placed the order, make your payment, and the product might already be on its way to you (your described location).

Steps to Cancel Order in Jumia Nigeria & Ghana

  • Well, this is not the time to start blaming anyone or creating panic. All you need to do is follow simple steps.
  • Contact their customer’s service, explain to them the item(s) you bought online, the date and time if possible for easier tracking.
  • Because a lot of orders will be made at the same time as yours and packaged together with yours.
  • Explain to their customer’s service why you wish to cancel the order, and it will be done.

It’s as easier as that. So in case you want to cancel an order on Jumia of which you have already paid for, you don’t have to start panicking or something, contact their customer’s service.

In some cases, the item(s) has already been shipped and is almost at your described location. All you need to do is contact their customer’s service, explain to them in full details.

Then you’ll be asked to read their package return condition, which implies that you package the product(s) exactly the way it was delivered without tampering with anything.

After that, kindly return the item(s). Their agents will come and pick up the package at your described address.

If you meet up with their given conditions, you’ll be refunded, although they might deduct their cost of transportation fee, which is normal.

At least it cost them some money to ship your product(s) down to your described location. Since you aren’t interested in it again, you don’t want to lose either, do they want to lose too.


Anytime you want to cancel an order on Jumia or return an already shipped or delivered package from Jumia, kindly contact their customer’s service directly from the website (

That’s why they are there to help you with any issues you are facing about their online store, products or services.

I hope yoyu find this guide helpful. Kindly give us your feedback via the comment box.

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