How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

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You can cancel your Netflix subscription and as well you can delete your Netflix account but you need to understand that these two things are different, they are not the same thing there’s a difference between canceling your Netflix account or subscription and another thing is deleting your Netflix account.

One thing you need to understand is if you delete your Netflix profile or account and you don’t cancel your subscription on Netflix you will still get charged because you still have an active subscription in spite.

It’s easier to subscribe to some of these online services but when it comes to canceling your subscription things become somehow difficult.

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The first thing you need to have a mind when you are trying to cancel your Netflix account is to first check how your method of subscription, is it directly on the Netflix website or via third-party services.

If you subscribed to Netflix directly on their Web, it is very easy. You just have to open up your Netflix profile on their web to access your account and then cancel your subscription but if you subscribe using iTunes then you will need to unsubscribe to Netflix from your iPhone or iPad.

just like I said earlier, deleting your Netflix profile is not the same thing as canceling your Netflix subscription which means that even if you delete your profile on Netflix you will still get billed for your subscriptions on the app.

How to Properly Cancel Netflix Subscription/Membership

So to properly cancel your Netflix account the step to follow:

  1. Visit the website of Netflix at

  2. Proceed to your account area on the website after you have logged in with your personal account login details.

  3. In your personal profile area, navigate to the membership and billing area, on that page, there’s a menu that says cancel membership click on it to cancel your membership on Netflix.

In case you don’t have the option to cancel your membership on Netflix in your personal account area then it may mean that you are subscribed to Netflix by a third-party service provider such as smart TV provider or iTunes.

Cancel Netflix subscription through iTunes

If you subscribe to Netflix using your iTunes account then the way to go about your cancellation is:

  1. Navigate to settings on your iPad or iPhone

  2. Tap iTunes and app store

  3. At the top of the screen tap your Apple ID then view Apple ID in the next window, see subscriptions

  4. Under your subscription, you’ll be able to see the list of services you have previously subscribed to on your iOS account or iTunes account.

  5. If Netflix membership is on the list,  tap on it to cancel the subscription and then confirm your decision to remove the account for Netflix subscription.


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