How to Become a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria Without Suffering

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Over the years, dozens of Nigerian youths have taken delight in the fraudulent Internet scheme popularly touted as Yahoo Yahoo. While most people condemn such a fraudulent scheme on grounds of morality, some Yahoo boys in Nigeria give reasons to justify their immoral acts.

One of those reasons borders on the impression that every Nigerian is a scammer in one way or the other. To this end, more and more Nigerian youths are being encouraged to venture into Internet fraud.

Since coronavirus became a pandemic, governments across the world have been tempted to lay restrictions on movements, hence preventing many people from plying their businesses. While coronavirus is compelling more and more physical business spots –such as makeshift shops, stalls and marketplaces –to close down, the pandemic is yet an eye-opener drawing people’s attention to the need for online skill acquisition.

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been described as both a blessing and a curse during this novel coronavirus disease pandemic ravaging our world.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to guide you on how to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria but on a strong note, we’re not encouraging anybody to become a Yahoo boy. We only observed that many Nigerians browse the Internet for how to become a Yahoo boy and then decided to capitalize on this article in driving traffic to this site.

This article guides you on the basic requirements for starting a Yahoo boy career and those tricks (often known as formats) you should learn in order to succeed with your career.

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What Are Those Basic Requirements for Starting a Yahoo Boy Career?

Laptop –It cannot be overemphasized that you need a laptop to become a real Yahoo boy in Nigeria but again, you don’t lay your hands on just any laptop and expect to make success with it. You definitely need a security-packed laptop such as a Mac book so that you don’t render yourself vulnerable to anti-crime agencies.

Foreign Phone Number –This is just one of the essential requirements for saving your face in case your fraud escapade backfires. It would be very ridiculous that you use a (Nigerian) phone number which can easily reveal your identity. Having a foreign phone number lets you converse comfortably with your “maga” (potential fraud victim) and if your Yahoo boy tricks fail to materialize, you can rest assured that your location will be hard to trace.

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