Covid-19: Start-ups to Resume Work or continue Working Remotely?

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The Coronavirus has brought a great shift in the way we operate globally, and this new shift is moving towards becoming the norm in every society. Most countries have been in lockdown for quite some time and many businesses have been shut down. While some work remotely from home. The question everyone is whether start-ups to resume work or continue working remotely from home, considering that has been the trend lately.
 Since the lockdown in some states in the country, there has been no form of transaction or business, but after the last press release by the President and the promised relaxation of the lockdown, there has been a controversy as to whether startups should continue working remotely or resume full-time office work.

Covid-19: Start-ups to Resume Work or continue Working Remotely?

Working Remotely is slowly becoming a trend in most organizations worldwide. Tech companies were at the forefront as some of their offices were healed by remote teams prior to the lockdown. However, some companies still prefer an office setting because managing a remote team is challenging compared to traditional office work.Start-ups to Resume Work or continue Working Remotely?
In my opinion, I think workers whose work permits remote working should continue working remotely, this is in line with the government fight against the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. There’s no point endangering the lives of your employees if your team can work effectively from home.
Meanwhile, other businesses are set to resume work this Monday following guidelines specified by the state and federal government. In line with this development, traders are allowed to open from 9 am to 3 pm in the big city of Lagos, operating on selected days specified by the Federal government.
I can understand that some businesses need to open their traditional shops and warehouses in order to function, but proper care should be taken as there are still many untested/unreported cases and people stand a high chance of getting infected if proper care and specified practices are not followed. If you must go out, ensure you are putting on disposable Facemasks. Companies like oPay are donating Facemasks to the state government in Lagos, I hope it gets to the right people who need it.
I know how challenging it can be especially for the project manager in terms of managing a remote team, but I think all startups and tech companies should learn to incorporate the new trend of remote-friendly jobs for their employees.

Final Words

The world is moving towards adopting this trend, I think it will be part of the new world order after the covid19 pandemic is over. Most businesses will be taken online and would be employing and working with remote teams. I hope we are getting ready for this new world. I believe a lot of people will lose their jobs while thousands will gain jobs. The only thing that would guarantee you move with the world is how best you utilize the lockdown period, rather than feeling sad for not being able to work. I think you should pick a skill that doesn’t require going to a physical school, and can be learned from the comfort of your home.

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